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  • Throughout this course educators will learn how to effectively differentiate in the classroom.

  • In this course students will read, respond and create projects related to the novel Flush.  This novel will be read in conjunction with the 5th grade Water Quality unit "Mystery River."

  • This course will investigate the principles & theories of psychological thought and practice. Each unit will introduce a topic relevant to human behavior and provide the link between brain and body. 

    Each chapter will bring the student closer to understanding human behavior. Each lesson will provide an opportunity for comprehension of psychological practices and terminology. 

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  • Physical science introduces the general principles of chemistry and physics. Topics include measurement, matter, chemical properties, chemical reactions, forces and motion, and electricty and energy. Upon completion students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the physical environment and be able to apply the scientific principles to observations observed.

  • Earth science is a blend of many different sciences, including geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy. Earth science I will focus on composition of the Earth, the dynamic Earth and geologic time. Earth science II will cover atmosphere and the oceans, astronomy, surface processes on Earth, and resources and the environment.

  • This course is created for use by the teachers of 7th grade social studies at Central Middle School.

  • Students learn laboratory, inquiry, and problem solving. Topics include energy, elements, compounds, formulas and chemical reactions.
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  • Integrated course for math, science, language arts and social studies.
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